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April 6th, 2011

Chun Li in Chinatown

I’m a costumer. I used to go to conventions with at least 1 outfit per day, sewing like a madman the night before to finish everything. These days, I spend more of my time photographing at cons. My luggage isn’t any lighter, but I get to wear less makeup.

WonderCon (sister convention to the huge San Diego Comic-Con) was last weekend. I did some convention coverage for cosplay site AC Paradise, and a few photoshoots for my lovely, talented friends. My good friend Cheryll is a graphic designer, my second shooter at weddings, and an amazing costumer. Her Chun Li costume strikes a chord with gamers–it always reminds me of after-school hours in middle school when I’d go over to Kellene’s house, doing algebra homework as quickly as possible, so we could play Street Fighter II until I had to go home.

We decided to show a different side of Chun-Li with this “day in the life” photoshoot. SF Chinatown is blocks away from Moscone Center, so we set out on Saturday morning before the tourist rush. Please enjoy this cheesy bit of nostalgia!