Hey, puppers! Do you want a new profile pic, but you can't take selfies, because you have paws and not fingers?? Let us help you and help a good cause at the same time. In the next few months, Truffle Dad and I will be doing mini photoshoots to benefit Truffle's rescue group, Orphan Dog. For a $25 donation (or more if you're feeling generous--ALL proceeds are going to Orphan Dog!), you'll get a 10 minute minishoot. You can have all the unedited images plus 5 edits of your choice. Thanks to Google matching, the contributions will be doubled (up to a max of 6k)! A doggone good thing! We'll throw in a few treats as well :)

You can see some sample photos in this dropbox album.

Use the contact link on this site to get in touch. And remember, you're all good dogs.