June 25th, 2011

Kristina & Desiree

I met Kristina during high school at a nerdy JSA convention. We were definitely nerds, but we were creative ones, and those being a shortage at student debates, we spotted each other pretty easily and hit it off. We fell out of touch in college but recently discovered that we still have a lot in common including a passion for food, music and charming girls like Desiree. They are such a wonderful couple, and I’m thrilled to be shooting their wedding in August.

April 28th, 2011

The Wizard of Odd Returns

Since it’s off the newsstands now, I can share a bit of this interview with Lorne Lanning which appeared in the March issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly. Lorne has a great energy about him and was wonderful to photograph. Writer Tom Russo was also a lot of fun, and a photo I took of him was later turned into a piece of art involving a Nordic sweater and a cat wearing a Santa hat.

April 6th, 2011

Chun Li in Chinatown

I’m a costumer. I used to go to conventions with at least 1 outfit per day, sewing like a madman the night before to finish everything. These days, I spend more of my time photographing at cons. My luggage isn’t any lighter, but I get to wear less makeup.

WonderCon (sister convention to the huge San Diego Comic-Con) was last weekend. I did some convention coverage for cosplay site AC Paradise, and a few photoshoots for my lovely, talented friends. My good friend Cheryll is a graphic designer, my second shooter at weddings, and an amazing costumer. Her Chun Li costume strikes a chord with gamers–it always reminds me of after-school hours in middle school when I’d go over to Kellene’s house, doing algebra homework as quickly as possible, so we could play Street Fighter II until I had to go home.

We decided to show a different side of Chun-Li with this “day in the life” photoshoot. SF Chinatown is blocks away from Moscone Center, so we set out on Saturday morning before the tourist rush. Please enjoy this cheesy bit of nostalgia!

March 18th, 2011

A Couple of Curves

I had the opportunity to shoot some lovely plus-size models (Tyra would call them “fiercely real,” of course) for local magazine BAY Fashion’s March Plus-Size Story. Check the article out here.

February 19th, 2011

A ferry tale romance!

It’s been raining all week in the Bay Area, but we caught last little bit of San Francisco sun for Mary and Luigi’s engagement shoot last weekend. We strolled along the Embarcadero then went for some delectable treats in the Ferry Building. Nothing says love like Miette cupcakes and a meat cone from Boccalone!